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What is the mission of Amal in Heritage?

Amal in Heritage represents our effort to fulfill the critical needs of the MENA region through the three prongs of disaster relief: preparedness, response, and recovery. It serves to equip people with the tools, training, and capacity they need to prepare for disasters before they come; respond to them when they arrive; and begin recovering from them after the smoke has cleared.

Why is Amal necessary?

Chronic upheaval and natural disasters in many parts of the world, including the Middle East and North Africa, have reduced the capacity of national and local heritage institutions to manage their cultural heritage assets. This has demonstrated the need for a comprehensive program of emergency preparedness, response, and recovery for cultural heritage.

The following factors are considered to be the most relevant for the Amal in Heritage program:

  • In the absence of international assistance, local professionals and communities require tools for managing their endangered heritage assets.
  • The dated techniques for recording and data gathering are too slow and expensive to be effectively used in emergency situations.
  • Although the use of mobile applications for risk preparedness and emergency response has become a trend in the humanitarian sector, cultural heritage has not been appreciably affected yet.
  • There is not a comprehensive app and platform for disaster management in cultural heritage sector to provide training, information, and tools for preparedness, response, and recovery.
What type of heritage can I document?

Cultural heritage sites, monuments, and artifacts.

Early Access Program

What are the requirements necessary to apply?

Amal mobile app works on any iOS device running 9.0+ version of iOS software.

Is my personal information and the data I collect with this app secure?

Yes. We value your privacy and will never collect, share, or disclose any personal or site information without your consent.

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